As Quiet As A Mouth

by Martoc

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released August 6, 2009



all rights reserved


Martoc Suffolk, UK

Inspired initially by the Channel Islands with a soupcon of mental illness (an enduring interest), Martoc has launched 8 solo singles (vinyl versions now collectors items) and 11 solo albums plus a group album 'Albatrocity' and the recent Arc Rocket duo. Coverage has included John Peel playing 'Navigator through Nowhere' off the debut album 'For Alien Ears', and 'Love is Dead'. ... more

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Track Name: Don't!
I climbed into a burning bed
When I lost my head
Over something that you said.
I dived into an icy pool
Acting like a fool
When you broke the golden rule.

Don't darken my doorstep again
Keep out of my private domain
Don't ever tempt me with pleasure or pain
Never more to be subjected to such strain

When you unlocked Pandora's box
And played havoc with my shares and stocks.
When you unleashed a multitude of shocks
Then I killed our time when I stopped the clocks.

Don't darken my doorstep again…
Track Name: Xeno's Arrow
We can't hug and we can't kiss.
There must be more to life than this.
No sink or swim, no hit or miss.
If ignorance is motion, stasis is bliss.

I won't get to her I swear
I'll only ever be halfway there.
I'm neither too fast nor too slow
Half the distance is all I can go.

Xeno's arrow from Cupid's bow
Makes my chance lower than zero.
If there's one thing I can ensure
It's thanks to Xeno that I'll never score.
I won't get to her I swear…

Reductio ad absurdum’s my fate.
Woe is the dichotomy of my state.
Maybe I'll pause and hesitate
As they also serve who only stand and wait.
I won't get to her I swear…

If the sum of an infinite series is finite
Then we've no need to be star-crossed lovers.
Track Name: This Place Is Incredible
This place is …This place is…
This place is …IN-CRED-I-BLE

I gaze into the mirror and eight million people
Stare back from their reality at me.
I shatter the glass with style and class
And set every one of them free.

This place, this place
This place is incredible.
It's not impossible, it's incredible
It isn't unbelievable, it's incredible.

Walking up and down Escher's staircase
Moving out of town into outer space
Meeting Dorian Gray face to face.
This place is incredible.
A journey without dysrhythmia
That's way beyond psychedelia
And not even found on Wikipedia.
This place is incredible.

This place, this place…

When they create a world on their computer
How real is it for an empirical explorer?
Can nothing make the imagination hum
Like an altruistic alien conundrum?

This place is …IN-CRED-I-BLE
Track Name: Cessna 152 Blues
I've got the one, I've got the five,
I've got the two, I've got the blues.
The Cessna one, the Cessna five,
The Cessna two, the one five two blues.

I'm feeling down, I'm feeling low.
I start to frown at ceiling zero.
I want no trouble, you're another man's beau.
I'm too damned scared to become a hero.

I've got the one, I've got the five…

Don't get too close or cramp my style.
We've been sealed in here for 200 miles.
You're not in love you're in denial.
I'm aware of threats behind forced smiles.

I've got the one, I've got the five...

Love is in the air but not my aeroplane.
If we don't part soon I'll snap from the strain.
I've a lifetime to lose and nothing good to gain.
I'd rather run the gauntlet through a hurricane.
Track Name: Haiku for the Men in Black
Men in black stay true
Come to question me and you
Men are black and blue.
Track Name: OCD (Again and Again)
Counting grains of sand in the desert every day
Despite the soldiers always getting in my way.
Counting stars by telescope all through the night
Despite wild beasts roaming in and out of sight.

OCD again and again.
Reinforced thoughts and actions never wane.
OCD ad infinitum.
I struck a million beats upon the same drum.

I'm washing my hands all of the time
To try to keep the contamination in line.
I'm confessing I'm not guilty but it feels like a crime
When resistance to persistence just brings a danger sign.

OCD again and again…

I'm aware it's irrational and it's no fun.
I get no pleasure from relieving tension.
Over focus on trivia until I'm undone.
Time consuming interference enhances my condition.

OCD again and again…

Obsessive compulsive disorders.
Stereotypical ritualistic borders.
Obsessive compulsive disorders.
Like Sisyphus with a lifetime of boulders.

OCD again and again…
Track Name: Better Lost
If you caught me singing in bed
With somebody new
Would you join in the chorus
Or adopt another point of view?

It's better to have loved and lost
Than never to have lost at all.
It's better to have loved and lost
Than never to have lost at all.

If you found me playing a round
Of golf in the night
Would you break my concentration
Or offer me the choice of fight or flight?

It's better to have loved and lost…

If you heard those Chinese whispers
Who would you kill?
One of my suspected lovers
Or me with your consummate skill?

It's better to have loved and lost...
Track Name: Control Freak
You can't sing. You won't speak.
You're in the grip of a control freak.

He's a control freak going out of control.
Don't get in his way or heads will roll.
Those shared interests are not your choice.
You used to speak your mind but now it's with his voice.

C O N T R O L Freak
Control F R E A K Freak!

Control freaks don't compromise
And they believe in their own lies.
Metacomplimentary control won't suffice.
He insists on sixes with every roll of the dice.

He's a certifiable control freak
It's sad to say he's far from unique
He will turn in his grave
Before he turns the other cheek.

Like a broken puppet on a burning stage
Or a first folio with a torn-out page.
Like the silent scream of a dying astronaut
Your relationship has become a blood sport.
C O N T R O L Freak
Control F R E A K Freak!
Indoctrination. Domination.
Manipulation. No hesitation.
When you're in public the chains are invisible.
Is no-one else aware that your life is impossible?
You're starting to believe that you're to blame.
Every move you make is scripted in his game.

He's a certifiable control freak…

"Do what I say and not what I do.
If you don't then I'll bury you.
Do what I do but only when I say.
I know how to force you to obey.
Do as I want or never come home.
Play your part in the Stockholm syndrome.
Follow my commands and respect my power
Or face your worst nightmare at the midnight hour."

C O N T R O L Freak
Control F R E A K Freak!

He's a certifiable control freak…

You're not brave. You're not bold
He's not in love. His heart runs cold.

He's a control, control, control freak.
He's a freak, he's a freak, he's a control freak.
Track Name: Beware of the Darkness II


Satan's temptation is all around.
Ambient evil tries to pull us down.
God's salvation is there for us to find.
Become like me and follow the light.

Beware of the darkness.
You can't say you weren't warned.
Beware of the darkness,
Please draw your two-edged sword.
Beware of the darkness
Or be cast into the pit
To suffer an eternity
Without an exit.

We're given warnings in Biblical teachings
To keep away from supernatural dealings.
Avoid tarot, hypnosis and eastern meditation.
Astrology, telepathy and reincarnation.

Beware of the darkness…

Lust and greed bring guilt and disease,
Internal turmoil and subconscious screams.
Yet the king of flies and all his lies
Will never get the better of me.

Beware of the darkness...

Track Name: Creative Suicide

The artist painted himself
Into a corner of the room.
Turning his adoring public
Into an audience at his tomb.
The sculptor carved his name
In ruins one bleak day.
Instinctively aware that
His career had crumbled away.

Too many notes, too many quotes.
Everyone's a critic when they rock the boat.
Culture free zones need shark infested moats.
We mustn't let the philistines get our vote.

The composer wrote in
Four movements his swan song.
Predicting his downward spiral
With every step he went wrong.
The author penned his epitaph
For his ultimate destiny
Knowing his readers and publisher
Had become the enemy.

Too many notes, too many quotes…

The critics have cried-
The critics have cried -
The critics have cried -
The critics have cried -
The critics have cried -
The critics have cried -
The critics have died!

Too many notes, too many quotes…
Track Name: You'll Be The Death Of Me II

I wish I'd never met you
And I hope I can forget you.
All I ever give you spurn.
Now I don't know which way to turn.

You'll take the breath from me
And leave even less of me.
Is that the way it has to be?
If you stay you'll be the death of me.

I will not fret without you
And I'll never sweat about you.
All I ever do is doubt you
As nothing that you say is true.

You'll take the breath from me…

Why don't you tell me now?
There's no need to be discreet.
You think that I'm no good for you.
You think that I'm obsolete.

You'll take the breath from me…
Track Name: Universal Constants

Universal constants constantly
Arrange and rearrange my reality.
Universal constants frequently
Play mind games with my sanity.

We fell in love at the speed of light
When we got the equation right.

Universal constants constantly…

We learnt to live with gravity,
I fell for you and you fell for me.

Universal constants constantly…

All that we need, now here's the key,
An electromagnetic personality.

Universal constants constantly…

Our ultimate goal is so deep
An eternal quantum lover's leap.
Track Name: The Vigilante Rules

You can run away or plead and cry.
You won't get far but are welcome to try.

Keep in step and stay in line.
If you can't do the time don't do the crime.
Vengeance isn't your prerogative but mine.
You think you're out of reach but I'm in my prime.

I'm a punitive force within my own law.
I'll go to your house and smash down the door.
I'm a true nemesis for fiends incarnate.
You're a witch's cauldron bubbling with hate.

I always retain the moral high ground
With no uncertainty between wrong and right.
No shades of grey can ever be found.
By my rules there's only black and white.

I'm a punitive force within my own law…

If you're a foul miasma of evil
Don't be blasé or devil-may-care.
If you announce it when you hurt, steal or kill
I'll track you down with my thousand yard stare.

I'm a punitive force within my own law…

When you broke the rules the rules broke you.
When you joined the fools the fools lost too.
Track Name: Songwriter's Block

I've got songwriter's block.
I just can't start but if I can I'll never stop.
I've got songwriter's block.
I'm afraid I'll drop before returning to the top.

My mind is a blank, like a blank slate.
My pen's dried up and so have my ideas.
I've nothing to say, like on a silent date.
All that remains are self doubt and fears.

I've got songwriter's block…

I hope one day to recharge my battery.
At the moment it's as flat as the Dutch scenery.
He's like a general who can't locate a war.

I've got songwriter's block…

Have I finally lost? Have I finally lost
My songwriter’s block? …Not yet!

I've got songwriter's block…

On the subjects of love, madness and death
I can't think what to say that's not already said.
I'll pick up my pen and take a deep breath
Before dragging lyrics screaming from the back of my head.
Track Name: Struck Dumb in a Lunatic Asylum

The howling wolves of psychosis
Tore from the depths of my innermost being
And tumbled out onto the pavement
To snap at the heels of rush-hour pedestrians.

Struck dumb in a lunatic asylum.
My brain's intact but my mind is wracked.
Dumbstruck by an insane fifth column.
Your fiction is my only real fact.

I'm a split personality psycho fantasy.
I don't need you in my unreality.
I'm living under a cloud in cloud-cuckoo land,
The square peg in the crowd you never understand.

Struck dumb in a lunatic asylum…

If suicide is the antidote to life
Then what is the antidote to death?
I'm half crazy just like my other half.
My motives are loco but only when I laugh.
They're not mad they're maddening.
I'm not bad I'm suffering.

Struck dumb in a lunatic asylum…

My world cracked open like an eggshell
In its formative and post embryonic years.
My psyche swooped down like a reverse phoenix
In the ashes to ashes and dust to dust
Of the cyclone ravaged disturbed air
On a one way trip to the smiling face of despair
Track Name: PC Gone Bad
They started out fine
But they crossed the line.

Freedom of speech is what they won't teach.
(Yet they never practice what they preach).
Freedom of thought they won't let be taught.
(Only the naïve will let themselves be caught).
Freedom of choice is everyone's decision
(Yet they silence our voice with lack of vision).
Freedom in chains if we switch off our brains
(All that remains are frustrations' pains).

PC rules were made by fools
To be obeyed by other fools.

They insist we behave and say what we're told.
Those anonymous bureaucrats maintain a stranglehold.
Illogical, dictatorial, no rational debate.
They demand we obey and face up to our fate.
Don't ask questions, they just want blind acceptance.
Euphemisms hide the truth that bad things need resistance.
Political correctness is a joke without a punchline.
You waste your free will convinced that they are all benign.

PC rules were made by fools…

Chinese are Oriental, Indians are Asian
(One's Mongolian)
They're not the same race or the same nation
(The other's Caucasian)
We mustn't say Indian but Native American
(Now here's a contradiction)
In South America they're still called Indian
(A typical anomaly of PC confusion).

PC rules were made by fools…

PC gone bad
Like Orwell's '84 or Hitler in the war.
PC gone bad
They shouldn't turn opinions into a law.
More than sad, worse than mad.
It ought to have been a passing fad.
Political correctness gone bad.
Over the top? More than a tad.

PC rules were made by fools…

Their bumpy roads
Lead to PC spin doctor speech codes.
Track Name: UQ4 Hell
Mary's not perfect and the Pope is not infallible.
She's not on a level with the Holy Trinity.
And he's not a Holy Father to the Church or you or me.
Saints are Christians not favourites on a pedestal
Visions aren't sent from God but come from the Devil.
Priests aren't sinless, only Christ can forgive at all.

U Q 4 Hell, you're in the Church of Rome.
U Q 4 Hell, it's your eternal home.
U Q 4 Hell with your funeral bell.
What do you queue for? You queue for Hell.

The priests would let no-one else read the Word
They didn't want the Truth to ever be heard.
They put their own interpretations into the Bible
And got their congregations to worship every idol.
There's enough gold in the vaults of the Vatican
To feed every starving Catholic woman and man.

U Q 4 Hell, you're in the Church of Rome…

Nobody needs rosary beads
Votive candles or Hail Marys.
You can't pray to angels or whatever else you're told
Nor turn to graven images or relics of this world.
You can never worship God through a mere man.
Popes were never part of the Divine Plan.

U Q 4 Hell, you're in the Church of Rome…

In World War Two concentration camps
Catholic priests became Commandants.
A Vatican group helped get
Nazi war criminals to South America.
The Spanish Civil War began
With peasant revolt against Catholic repression.

U Q 4 Hell, you worship and pray
To the wrong things and people every day.
U Q 4 Hell, no pause for Purgatory
As it only exists in a man-made fantasy.
Track Name: Goodbye Guernsey
All my friends have settled down.
They've given up music and hanging round town.
They've lost all interest in fun and games.
Now they're burning out with their old flames.
Goodbye to hello and hello to goodbye.
Was it time to leave or a time to die?

Goodbye Guernsey, Guernsey goodbye.
No Elephant's Graveyard when I die.
Guernsey goodbye, goodbye Guernsey.
When I'm far away I no longer feel free.

When I learnt to drive you shrank in size.
All distances diminished before my eyes.
There was never any space for compromise
But now I have you internalised.
Goodbye to hello and hello to goodbye...

Goodbye Guernsey, Guernsey goodbye…

You're the greatest place on the greatest world
In the known universe, you are.
More than El Dorado, Xanadu,
Or even Shangri-La.
Goodbye to hello and hello to goodbye...

Goodbye Guernsey, Guernsey goodbye