Restructuring the Fabric of our Existence

by Arc Rocket

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released August 3, 2013

Ruth Crocket: Vocals
Martoc: Odd Vocals, Synthesizer, Guitar, Percussion
Recorded and mastered at The Shrubbery Studio in Bury St Edmunds



all rights reserved


Martoc Suffolk, UK

Inspired initially by the Channel Islands with a soupcon of mental illness (an enduring interest), Martoc has launched 8 solo singles (vinyl versions now collectors items) and 11 solo albums plus a group album 'Albatrocity' and the recent Arc Rocket duo. Coverage has included John Peel playing 'Navigator through Nowhere' off the debut album 'For Alien Ears', and 'Love is Dead'. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Answer Doors, Just Question Them
Think before you speak.
Look before you leap.
Always test the waters
if you'd rather not weep.

Question each and every move that leads to checkmate
Question all the actions of a questionable state
Carve your own destiny. Create your own fate.
Never let them dictate the path of the debate.

Don't answer doors there is no just cause
Don't answer doors neither mine nor yours
Don't answer doors they're not subject to laws
Don't answer doors just question them.

Don't answer doors we've been there before.
If you don't understand you don't know the score.
Don't answer doors in peace or in war.
Self preservation is a duty not a chore.

Don't answer doors there is no just cause.._

Rat a tat tat, is it Schrodinger's cat
Out of its box with it's paradox?
Is it seeking revenge like a Folland Gnat?
Can it be stopped by hypothetical locks?

Don't answer doors there is no just cause. ..
Track Name: No. 1 with a Bullet
Number One with a Bullet

It was highway robbery -"Your road to ruin"
Which boosted my economy-• And your misery"
To buy studio recording time-"Paid for by crime•
Do you think you're my conscience, my Jiminy Cricket?
I can rationalise my behaviour, do you think you can fix it?
"Do the means ever justify the ends
If you lose your liberty and all of your friends?"

You're number one. You're number one. You're number one with a bullet.
You call it fun. You're on the run from what you've done. Now you've done it.

The high and mighty 747
Pancake landed close to Heaven.
The passengers and crew survived.
Even the stowaway never died.
I lined them all up on the road nearby
They were so grateful I didn't leave them to die.
Although in shock with their senses numb
They all bought copies of my debut album.
"Did any suspect you'd caused the accident?
Even if they did you would never repent”

You're number one...

I next had to blackmail certain DJs
Which was easy when I learnt their dodgy dealing ways.
Using radio promo and a TV show
I could convert to fans each and every foe.

Number one with a bullet at the top of the chart.
The things we have to do for the sake of our art.
"Was it worth it to promote your sound
When you're six feet under the moral high ground?•

You're number one....
Track Name: Remember Me This Time
Remember Me This Time

Beware of the future
Make sure you never go too far.
Don't make rash decisions
When you're feeling below par.
Time and time and time again
Time and again and again in time
Will you be the one who survives
When the end of the world arrives?

Remember me this way
Now the past and the future are here to stay.
Remember me this time
Chronos cant be blamed for the paradigm.

Most people live in the past
Without the aid of time travel.
But with you the die is cast.
And it's too late to unravel.
You don't like the present
Though it's over in an instant.
It's all about time.
Time is about, it's about time.

Remember me this way...

There was no time for action
(Before and after no more unseen)
They thought it was only fiction
(Selling time shares In a time machine)
You should show some respect
History is the home of the dead.
What else can you really expect?
Watch out where and when you tread.

Remember me this way...

In a past life I was a Time Traveller
As I am still and always will be.
Track Name: Choirs of Liars
Choirs of Liars

A motorcade of hearses came
Through the night never using their lights
Like death watch beetles preying on fame
Or rabid fanatics unleashing their bites.

I could love you and treat you badly or hate you and treat you well.
I could love you and treat you badly or hate you and treat you well.

In this rotten world where so much is a fake
There's poison not a file inside every cake.

When your state of the art is blown apart
I'll make detailed notes upon my chart.

Orchestras of sorcerers will never bring me down.
Quartets of dragnets won't drive me from this town.
No choirs of liars nor a plague of pariahs
Will tie me up in knots nor strangle me with wires.

I could love you and treat you badly or hate you and treat you well.
I could love you and treat you badly or hate you and treat you well.
Track Name: Yo-Yo A Go-Go
Yo-yo a Go-go

Life is just a yo-yo always up and down.
One day you drink a toast and the next you drown.

Bungee jumping into a volcano
Bouncing around with or without a halo.
You flip your lid when you stop and go.
Always off the grid. Above the radar and below.

Yo-yo a go-go. Fly the flags for the show.
Yo-yo a go-go. Put zero in the ratio.

Life is just a yo-yo always up and down...

Scissor movements lead to vicissitudes
With tightrope and trampoline attititudes
To zig-zag through multitudes of moods
Using forked tongue speak with contrary platitudes.

Life is just a yo-yo always up and down.._

Time to kiss or time to kill.
Take the sweet or the bitterest pill.
Time to kill or time to kiss
On the edge or over the abyss.

I'm trailblazing, you're burning out
I'm path finding,you're dawdling about
Track Name: Psychological Warfare
Psychological Warfare
They're so well versed in murder's worst.
Have they rehearsed or were they cursed?

I have seen the Arizona lights
Though I don't think they originate in outer space.
Was it mass brainwashing on that shock filled night
Taking logical thinking away without a trace?
The truth isn't out there
Psychological warfare
The truth is down here
Psychological warfare

You don't need guns. You don’t need knives
To end or ruin people's lives.
The only battleground you will find
Is within the confines of your mind.

I have heard of the Martian invasion
H G Wells by Orson Welles that night on the radio.
Spreading panic to millions in a paranoid nation
Believing in the fiction of an imaginary foe.
Improper propaganda on the airwaves.
Psychological warfare
In human trials they're making waves
Psychological warfare

You don't need guns. You don't need knives ...

Under the influence of primitive fear-
The lower limbic brain - Psychological warfare
We forget all we've done against all we hold dear
We lose it and don't regain - Psychological warfare
Illegal experiments bending credibility
Psychological warfare
Controlling with lies and subtle suggestibility
Psychological warfare

You don't need guns. You don't need knives ...
Track Name: Of Course There's a Better World
Of Course There's a Better World

Put down your rifles. Pick up your bibles

One day peace will take the place of war. One
day bad governments will fall.
Political systems aren't above the law.
Heads will roll or bow when we answer the call.

Of course there's a better world
Than the one we live in.
We're all going to end up there
If we've been forgiven.
Of course there's a better world
Which has no room for sin.
Heaven is the destination for us to share
The day it is coming but we don't know when.

Put down your rifles, pick up your bibles.
Load that rifle and face another trial.
Put down your rifles, pick up your bibles.
Read the bible and think of your survival.

Some far things aren't as far as they seem.
All good thoughts will be bright and clean.
The afterlife will be much more than a dream.
When the time is near we'll know what it will mean.

Of course there's a better world...

Put down your rifles. Pick up your bibles
Track Name: It Never Rains In Outer Space II
It never rains in outer space II

Sometimes coal becomes a diamond.
Sometimes sand is turned to glass.
Sometimes people walk through fire.
Sometimes they live their lives on Mars

But - but- but- but
It never rains in outer space
It never rains in outer space
It never rains in outer space
It never rains in outer space

At times base metal is changed to gold.
At times magic becomes a science.
At times black sheep return to the fold.
At times murderers have a licence.

But -but - but- but ...
Track Name: This Place is Incredible II
This place is Incredible II
This place is - This place is - This place is incredible.

I gaze into the mirror and eight million people
Stare back from their reality at me.
I shatter the glass with style and class
And set every one of them free.

This place - This place - This place is incredible.
It's not impossible. It's incredible.
It isn't unbelievable, it's incredible

Walking up and down Escher's staircase.
Moving out of town into outer space.
Meeting Dorian Gray face to face
This place is incredible
A journey without dysrhythmia
That's way beyond psychedelia.
And not even found on Wikipedia
This place is incredible.

This place -This place - This place is incredible...

When they create a world on their computer
How real is it for an empirical explorer?
Can nothing make the imagination hum
Like an altruistic alien conundrum?
Track Name: Afflict The Mockers
Afflict the Mockers

Laughter can be crueller than anger.

They can't stand what they can't understand.
Whatever you've planned, they just want it banned.
Don't let them take you out and give you champagne
Or they'll stab you in the back and inflict real pain.

Don't mock the afflicted
Or we'll have you all evicted
To outer space or another place
Where it'll be as if you'd never existed.

If they put down the downtrodden
Then they must expect to remain unforgiven.
They'll show no mercy when they attack
Unless one way or another you learn to fight back

Don't mock the afflicted...

Don't mock the weak. Not the way they speak.
Nor the things they seek nor label them as freak.
Afflict the mockers without becoming as they are.
Use lawful judgement and don't leave a scar.

Don't mock the afflicted...
Track Name: From an Abstract Mind
From an Abstract Mind

From an abstract mind.
From an abstract -from an abstract
From an abstract mind.
From an abstract mind.

This ain't karaoke.This ain't rock and roll.
Not a barrel of monkeys, not a riddle on a scroll.

We're only breaking broken rules.
Cyclopean visionaries challenge us to duels.
We're playing mind games with warped brains.
Learning locomotives with off the rails trains.

Sinking in a brainwave. Off the beaten tangent
Shark infested forests. There is no precedent

With a guitar and a mars bar.
Or an atom and a black hole star.
With eternal time to wait in the queue.
But only if we have an infinite IQ.

Eleventeen. The number on my screen.
What lurks unseen? The missing link gene.

Neither cold nor too hot to trot.
Like a lukewarm storm or goodness knows what
We've found our way but lost the plot
Like the cyclic return of the year dot.

From an abstract mind.
With a million others following behind.

They don't ride horses.
They just ride Yamahas.
They don't play Steinways.
They just play Yamahas.

From an abstract mind, mentally unwind.
From an abstract mind, thoughts that cannot bind.
From an abstract mind, from an abstract mind.